Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Oh my goodness, it's been forever!! Well, our camera broke, so I have no new pictures. This was the last one taken, so I had to post it. I never thought Kate would want her toenails painted, but she volunteered when she saw me painting mine. I had to document the girl who never stops surprising her mom.There has been SOOO much going on. First, I got a job at Gold's Gym working in the playroom. I work about 13 hours a week and it's nice to have a little more money coming in. Kate and I love it, although she's still getting used to sharing toys.

Living in South Provo has been awesome, but definitely not convenient. Yesterday we signed a contract for an apartment in Orem. I cannot wait until we move in because we'll have a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. It's too good to be true!! We were planning on moving this week, but something totally unexpected came up.

Dustin got a call from a director asking him to audition for the part of Joseph Smith. Well....he got it!! We're so excited, but a little stressed. I took him to the airport today to fly out to Boston. He'll do filming this week and then go back in November for 2 or 3 weeks. It's great to see Dustin so happy doing something he loves. I got to meet "Emma" on Saturday and love her to pieces. I wish I could go with them, but there's not much I could do anyway while they're filming.

The movie should be coming out in March, and should be in theatres. I read the script on Sunday and it sounds like it should be really good. Joseph is in his early 20's and marries Emma, obtains the plates, translates them, and organizes the Church. We'll give you info as we find out more. I'm so proud of Dustin and can't wait to see how this turns out!

After the airport I took Kate to the doctor's for a follow-up. For the past little while she hasn't been too interested in food. Had tons of diarrhea and was throwing up. Her doctor was pretty worried, so he had me take her to the hospital to get some blood tests and an IV. It was traumatic for her, but definitely helped to get fluids in her. We're still working on getting her better. I worry so much about my baby girl! She's only 20 pounds, which is what she was back in May.

Writing all of this has made me exhausted. Our life is crazy, but nothing short of amazing! Sorry this was so long and boring, but wanted to catch you up!!