Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a crazy life...

I should blog more, but I'll wait until New Year's to make that resolution. Until then, we'll see how often I post pics.
These pictures are at the Bean Museum on campus. I like the one of Dustin and his new ears growing on the top of his head.

Here's the cake from Kate's birthday. Jan 29th. Yikes! That's a long time ago. I made this cake, and I wasn't very happy with the colors, but Kate loved it and that's all that matters! Nice pics of us on the cake :)
I really shouldn't say it, but Daddy picked out her outfit while I was at work. I had to smile when I saw her. She's a cutie no matter what!

We usually have to keep our camera away from Kate. She plays with the settings and I'm sure some things are still messed up.
After playing with Mommy's mascara...
Kate and I went to the mall and got a yogurt parfait to share. There was a little bit left and she ate it on the way home. At least I thought she did...
Things needed when doing Daddy's hair. Brush? Check. Elastics? Check. Listerine? Uhhhh...check.
We're happy and healthy. Kate's pretty much potty trained (some days better than others) and is growing up so fast!! She has a new best friend, Kyra, who lives next door. Luckily Kyra's mom, Andrea, is becoming one of my favorite friends. Dustin's leaving next week for Boston to finish filming the never-ending Joseph Smith film. Kate and I will stay in Vegas for a week and party with the fam.
Well, until more pics...adios!

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Brianne said...

Yea, I'm so glad you posted. What cute pictures...and that little girl of your is hillarious. It was so good to see you guys a couple weeks ago. Hopefully we will see you again soon. Hope you are all doing well.