Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Superhero

We love our little baby Kate! It seems that just recently she discovered she has super powers. Everyday, she brings a bib to me and won't be happy until I've put it on her. The first time she had me do this, she switched it to the back all on her own. She always has to have her "cape" on. Sweetie pie.

I don't know if you've seen this commercial, but it's a mom with her two girls making Rice Krispie Treats shaped like eggs and dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles. I thought it was so cute and told Roxy about it. She and her girls came over today to make them with me and Kate. We had a blast and I wanted to take some pics, but the batteries are running low, so they're a little blurry.

Here's a picture of the gorgeous Kyrie. She's three and such a hoot. Here she is enjoying the melted chocolate. These are just a few of the eggs, and also some strawberries. Luckily I got some at the store today, so we got some great dippage out of them. Little Jaycee, just under a year, was a little too young to join us, but she had the job of snacking on the sprinkles. Little sweetheart was so good and didn't fuss once.

I took some pictures of Kate and Roxy, but the pictures were so blurry!! I know you're sad Roxy, but I'm sure I'll get one of you sometime on here.

This morning we took Kate to an Easter Egg Hunt in our complex. I'm waiting for some pictures, but I'll post them when I get them. Kate had no idea what was going on, but she actually found the "golden egg." It was the special egg and had a dollar inside. We felt somewhat bad because we arrived when everyone was finishing up and that was the first one we found. Sweet. Good times.

Easter is so much fun now that Kate is here. I'll post some pics tomorrow of Kate in her dress and her little basket.

And before I forget, Dustin was just promoted to Assistant Manager at Missionary Mall!!! Good Job Dust! Also, he won the sales per hour competition for March and won $200. He's so awesome. I love my Dust. He's an amazing husband and father and I don't know what we'd do without him.


The Wendler Family said...

I have seen that comercial and thought it was such a cute idea too! Being a mom makes Easter so much fun!
I cannot handle how cute Kate is with her bib on backwards! That is so funny. :)
Tim and I watched One Man's Treasure last night. Dustin did a great job! Did you know the sister missionary in the movie- with the dark hair, is my sister? I thought it was cool that she and Dustin were both in the movie.
Oh, and an extra $200 never hurt anybody- that is soo awesome! How wonderful!
What a great post. It was so fun to read an update!-- and we really do need to get together! Summer is just around the corner and we will have a bbq or something- if your fam is up for it. :)

Sarah said...

Super Kate to the rescue!!!
I love that first pic. You can just see her imagination working. And you know she's about to fly off on amazing adventures.
Too cute.
And that's a fabulous idea to make rice krispy Easter eggs.
My only prob is that I love rice krispies so much, I'd eat them all. Ah well.
Love you guys!

Kellie said...

Hey!! Thats definetley a Harding girl!!! She loves superheroes!! Quinton will love that. We can't wait to see you guys this week! Give Super-Kate a big squeeze for me! And a kiss! Love you guys!

Lindsay said...

Right after I read this I went to get the mail and saw a kid running around our complex with a cape and a sword. Awesome. Also, I totally saw the rice krispies commerical and wanted desperately to make the eggs...but ran out of time. Glad somebody did! Yum!

Corinne said...

Hey Kim! I was blog stalking tonight and remembered your blog but I couldn't find your e-mail address to write at length. Loved your blogs (oh my goodness Kate is cute - and so is her mom and dad)and I would to hear even more of an update (and i'll be sure to save your address). Take care! Corinne