Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vegas Trip. WARNING: Lots of pictures!!

Before I post the pics of the Vegas trip, I totally forgot to post pictures of Easter! I didn't get a pic of Kate in her actual Easter dress, but this is dress is an Easter present from Grandma Muranaka. How cute is that! I really wish I could pull of clothes like Kate. She's my idol :) And this picture is from Easter morning. You can see in a movie in the basket. "One Man's Treasure." Dustin acted in this last summer, so I surprised him with a copy. Too bad he didn't notice it for forever! I had to show it to him. Kinda ruins the excitement!!
Here we are at Grandma's. Doesn't my mom look good?? She's had people come up to her thinking she's Diane Keaton. Good times.

Me and my baby girl. Can you see how tan she's getting? Got that from me, right?

I had to put this one in. I LOVE MY LITTLE KATERS!! Funny story: The other day we were at the park and there was a little boy, Robbie, at the park. He's a couple months older than Kate, so they played together. I'm talking to his mom, when I glance over at the two and they're kissing each other on the lips. Over and over again. Oh boy. Then they go sit down and Kate starts feeding Robbie little pieces of bark.
She's only 1. What in the world is she going to be like when she gets older? Help me!!

Here's my sister, Melanie and little Andy. Isn't he cute? He had a little mullet but Mel cut it off. Not cool.

Here's Kate smothering Andy. She kept kissing him on the face. Noticing a trend???

My dad and just seven of the fifteen grandkids. Such a cute picture.

Kate using a fork.

Little Andy's toy. Hey Kate? I don't think you fit in there. Just sayin...

Mel and Andy's (the big one) dog, Vader. Kate was terrified of Vader when we got to Mel's house in Cedar, but toally warmed up to him the next day. They played fetch together and Vader kept following her around. Maybe we'll get a dog someday. Maybe...if you know what I mean

So there you have it. Lots of pictures. Oh, and I finally put some curtains up. Even did some sewing. I can be domesticated!!


Karissa Kay said...

Love the pics! Kate is so precious. And your mom DOES look like Diane Keaton!

Lindsey & Brett said...

Wow! I can't believe how many grandkids there are in the family! Looks like a fun trip. And I have to say I'm a bit surprised about you being domesticated. But, way to go. :)

Heather said...

That picture of your dad is so sweet!!! Your baby girl is getting so big!

Dora said...

I especially love the picture of your dad with the grandkids. And, I think it's funny that Dustin didn't notice the DVD. I was at Deseret Book this weekend and guess what movie they had playing on about five screens across the top of the store? =)

Sarah said...

Love your pics.
It's so fun to see Kate growing up.
And being so affectionate.
Thanks for posting.
I love to see all the fam together. Can't wait for August. We have got to get a big group shot.