Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Last weekend we went to Nauvoo for Dustin's brother's wedding. I finally got to go inside the temple and cannot believe how gorgeous it is! The day after the wedding, we toured Nauvoo with Dustin's parents. It was a blast, but definitely hot and humid!

We went inside Heber C. Kimball's home and went on a tour with a guy(don't remember his name, so we'll call him Bob) on the BYU Ballroom Dance team and his parents. Dustin's step mom asked Bob if he recognized Dustin from the Restoration, and he did. Anyway, after the tour, Dustin and I stayed after because a sister missionary wanted a picture of me and Dustin (why me, I have no idea). When we went outside, Bob was waiting for us and asked Dustin if he served in England. New England, yes. England, no. I guess a couple days ago this kid on the Ballroom Dance Team was telling everyone that his companion was the guy who played Joseph Smith in the Restoration. He had all these stories about tracting and teaching with him. But he served in England and Dustin had never heard his name before. Funny huh? Well, kind of. I feel bad for the kid because now he's going to have to look at the picture of Bob and Dustin and admit that he made it up. So beware, there may possibly be an impostor out there!

This summer we have season passes to Seven Peaks, a water park a few miles from our apartment. Kate loves the kiddie area and also enjoys splashing her mom in the face. This picture is from the first day that we went. She was so exhausted and took an awesome nap that day. I should try to get over there everyday just for that perk alone!
Today I was making bread and Dustin was kind enough to take Kate upstairs to play. After hearing them laugh and jump around, they came down the stairs to get the tent. Dustin wanted to set it up in Kate's room. As you can see, Kate was a big help :)She loved standing on the tent playing with cups while Dustin worked.

I love this. Dustin looks so excited. He said he set it up for Kate, but I have my doubts...

I just love summer! Oh, and the Rogers Family Reunion is coming up!! Can't wait to see you guys!


Kellie said...

Yeah, I think Dustin put that tent up for his own enjoyment! Haha! Silly boy. Anyway, when is that Roger's family reunion? Where will it be held? If its in Az, score! But I slightly doubt it, since your parents live in Nevada. So, just let me know. Love you Dustin, Kim and Kate! We miss you!

Sarah said...

The Rogers Fam Reunion is going to be so ultimately cool! Even if it is camping in the mtns.
We'll all be together, except for Dave.
So yeah, Kate looks really tan.
Do you guys spend a lot of time outdoors? My kids have that winter pallor going for them. Hopefully our Yellowstone trip will rid them of it.