Saturday, July 11, 2009

Really, Kim...Really??

As you can tell, I'm totally getting Mother of the Year. Kate loves snacking on Cheerios, so what do I decide to do? Give her the whole box. She loves to walk around with it while snacking and it looks so cute. Well, didn't turn out so cute. (And you should see our car. Cereal EVERYWHERE. She's a little obsessed with it and I totally understand. I mean, I have it for at least 2 meals a day.)

"Why?" I ask myself that question multiple times a day. I swear I give in to Kate way too easily.

For instance, she loves Go-Gurt. The other day she got into the fridge (yes, she can open the fridge. and no, I'm not happy about it.) and brought out a Go-Gurt. So I open it for her and she eats a little bit. Well, then she gets another one and refuses to eat the one that it open and wants to eat the new one. This went on for awhile, so now I have 4 opened Go-Gurts in the freezer.

Really, Kim...Really??

I'm thinking I need to learn how to put my foot down.


Sarah said...

It's so hard to put your foot down when they are so adorable.
I know.
Katya does this little pouty face with tears welling up in her eyes, perhaps a single tear trailing her cheek.
So heartwrenching.
And so I cave.
But no longer. It's rather turning my adorable little girl into one who consciously works her wiles on the masses (and is not a happy camper when it doesn't work to her advantage).
So be strong.
Determine the hills you're willing to die on. And stick to it!
All little ones need reasonable boundaries.

Dora said...

I love reading your posts about the Adventures of Kate. It is very frustrating to have to deal with now, but they will be happy memories after she is all grown up. You are a good little mommy!

Anonymous said...

Get a lock for the fridge! That's what we did...once the goods are in hand and the tears are falling, it's too hard to say no!

Lex said...

Ha Ha, that's pretty awesome. Didn't everyone's parents curse them with a curse that they would have children just like them and then they would be vindicated for having to raise them? Well mine did at least and plus Kate is to cute to resist, i don;t blame you!

Lindsay said...

She is her mother's daughter...although I don't remember you dumping your cereal out on the carpet. Love it.

bethany said...

Basically, Lindsay said exactly what I was plannning on saying and now I'm left with nothing to say, but ditto. Also, the word verification that I have to type in order to comment is "theepoo." Just in case you were wondering.

Heather said...

If 4 open go-gurts are the most worries you have, then count yourself lucky!!! She is so cute. You are a nice mom.=)