Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Amy?

Yeah, I know...I'm a total slacker! Amy pretty much told me this morning that she was sick of checking my blog and finding the same ol' junk on it. So Amy, Merry Christmas! I'm updating my blog for you.

Ha Ha! I totally love this picture. He cracks me up when he makes this face.

The other night Dustin was eating cornbread and he wanted me to take some pictures of him. I mean, who doesn't want pictures while eating cornbread? He's such a goof! And yes, that is spray butter in the background. We love it!

Kate has now had a bottom tooth for about 3 weeks. How cool is that?! She doesn't like to open her mouth so we can see her tooth, so I wondered how I would get a good picture of it. Well, check out this little gem!
She's so stinkin' cute! Ok, so the picture is a tad scary, but at least you can see her tooth. And believe it or not, this is pretty much how she smiles all the time now. Except she scrunches up her nose more. Random people love it when she gives them her "cheezer". And on Wednesday she started waving at people. She used to just stick up her arm, but she's actually getting a little movement now!
This is from a while ago, but I had to show it off! Our homemade chicken pot pie (deep dish I might add), complete with an "H" for Harding!

All in all, we're doing so well! Dustin is almost done with finals and has straight A's so far! He's such a great student. Our ward is awesome!!! Yesterday Kate and I went to a tea party to hang out with other moms and their babies. The girls are so friendly and fun. And on Tuesday I was able to play my violin for the RS Christmas dinner. I played a duet with a girl on her flute. I love the violin and am going to be teaching soon! Yea!
Love you all!!!!


Anonymous said...

YEAH AMY!!! I love seeing an update!!! (thanks to you too KIM!)

Karissa Kay said...

Your blog looks so cute! I can't believe your baby girl is almost a year old! That's so crazy!

The Wendler Family said...

I agree with Amy, who ever she is, its about time!!
Love the cheesy picture of Kate! She's so cute!... and your pot pie looks super delish! Hey, you are gonna teach violin? We want to sart Amelia on it super young, like 4. What's your take on that?

Hunsaker Family said...

what a cute family! Kim! i can't believe how long it's been! I would love to see you! I would even be willing to drive to provo sometime! But if you want to come to saltlake, that would be fun too! honestly, i think the last time i talked to you was when you told me you were getting married and i promised that i would come to your reception! well, i did, but you had just left the reception building! i was so so bummed! We HAVE to get together, go to lunch and catch up! p.s. I love spray butter too!