Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Kate and I were going to go on a walk today, but didn't make it out of the complex. Too many fun things going on! Jen, a neighbor, ended up getting a pool out for the three girls. I absolutely love this pic. They had such a blast together.
These three girls are a few months apart and each have the cutest personalities. We have Kate on the right, Hannah on the left, and Evanie in the back. Doesn't this make you want to be little again?

Tomorrow our ward is celebrating Pioneer Day with a pie social and the kids are going to walk in a parade. I'm wondering if Kate is old enough to do it. She does like to be with the big kids, so I might give it a try. I'm not sure if she knows that she's a baby. Whenever she sees big kids, like 5 or 6 years old, she always says, "baby!" The kids hate being called "baby" by an actual baby, but I find it pretty entertaining.

I totally forgot the camera yesterday, but we all went rock climbing in Rock Canyon with Dustin's friend yesterday. Last time I went I used some really good shoes and didn't have a problem getting up, but Dustin and I didn't rent any this time. Bad idea. We both ended up going bare foot! Our shoes had no traction, so we took our shoes and socks off and put chalk on them. I am so sore today because my feet were slipping and I had to use a lot more upper body strength (which I don't have) instead of my legs. Next time we are definitely renting shoes! Kate was such a good sport, and even tried to climb up some rocks. Summer in Utah rocks because there's so much to do outside. At least I think so :)


Anonymous said...

Jaxon wants to be big so badly too! He will pick someone out ( a 12 or 13 year old kid) and say, "MOM! I'm bigger than HIM right?" Also things like, "I'm big. Why can't I drive the car?"
Good times!

Heather said...

Now I want pie!!=) I remember my new mom college days. It is so fun to have friends next door who have kids the same ages and there is something fun always going on!

Anderson's said...

Kate is getting so big. She is darling!