Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm a Big Kid Now

I think Mom's been holding out on me. Church is definitely not the place for me to run around and have fun. Mom and Dad are kind of boring. I mean, who wants to sit in class when they can run around or smash Nilla Wafers on the piano bench? Well, I finally went to a place they call "Nursery." I'm not totally sure what it is, but it's a WHOLE LOT BETTER than what I've done in the past. Not only are there kids my age, but they have books, toys, snacks, even a slide! All I know is, I'm NEVER going back to classes with Mom and Dad.

It does stink a little right now because Mom has to stay with me until I'm 18 months. Something about a transition month. I couldn't care less what that means, but I would rather not have Mom telling me not to hit or hug boys when they're pulling away from me. Sheesh. Once she's gone, I'll be kissin' them. I've done it before.

In nursery we all sat on a blanket and went on a lion hunt together! I wasn't sure what to do, so I watched the other kids. I'll get it someday. We sing about ducks and monkeys, and sometimes we march around the room. Then the teacher tells us a story about Jesus before we play with the toys. We learned about the Holy Ghost and then we got to sit at a table and color a paper they gave us. Here's mine:
It's not my best work, but Mom seems to like it. It's even on the fridge. What a crazy lady.

My favorite part about nursery are the books and the slide. I wish I had my own slide, because then I could climb up the slide and not have to wait for my turn to go down. Nothing like the wind in my face on the way down!

When it's almost time to go, we all help clean up. I like putting things in the buckets, but I'll admit I get distracted sometimes. There are so many toys to play with! (Mom needs to work on our collection) Then the teacher blows bubbles for us to pop. I couldn't get any, so a nice lady picked me up and was helping me reach the bubbles.

I tell ya, nursery's the life. I can't wait to go back next week! It's Dad's turn to go with me. Maybe I can get away with more stuff.



Dora said...

This was so dang cute!

Karissa Kay said...

How cute!!

Lindsey & Brett said...

That DOES sound like the life! Sometimes I wish there was a primary for adults. Sitting gets boring no matter how old you get.

Anonymous said...

Nursery = heaven for all involved!

(except possibly the nursery teachers...)