Monday, March 19, 2012

Every year, the Provo Library does a Fairy Tea Party for little girls. My friend Lisa and her daughter Hannah invited me and Kate to go with them. It was so much fun and the girls loved it! We will definitely be attending again next year!

Everyone was given a wand and a necklace that held a small tube of fairy dust. (The necklace is already broken, due to Ada's excitement. I'm sure Dustin can fix it though...)

It was fun watching the ballet dancers and seeing the Fairy King :)

Our favorite part of the event was when each girl presented herself to the Fairy King. We weren't allowed to take pictures. Boo. Anyway, Kate and Hannah were a little nervous, so they went together. They held hands, walked up to the King, spun around and then curtsied. Kate was pretty excited when she was spinning and her wand flew out of hand. It went about 10 feet or so :) I love my little Katie! It was so much fun to spend one-on-one time with her.

Kate LOVES to help with dishes. She loads them into the sink and then rinses them when I'm done washing.
She even knows how to stack them. Dustin saw this and was quite impressed. He even admitted that she can do it better than he can :)
Kate's still having fun with the camera. Yeah, we're weird and make goofy faces.
This picture is quite embarrassing, but whatev. There it is :)

And I have to have a cute picture of Ada. We love that little bug.
And here's our yummy homemade pizza. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like olives and those who don't. I don't.


-Special Mothertivity- said...

For real?? No olives?? I don't recall meeting anyone else who doesn't like them. Maybe its because we don't fall on the topic of olives all that often in regular conversation. ;)
I didn't know they do that fairy thing at the library. Sounds like fun to be sure!! Oh the joys of being/having a little girl!
As far as dishes, I think you're on to something. However, I already have too many things that are chores for me and fun for Amelia that she BEGS to do throughout the day ie- practicing violin- that I don't know if I'm brave enough to let her have a go with the dishes...
And the picture of you?? HAAAWWT. ;)

Bethany said...

Love olives, but not as much as I love people saying: "There are two types of people in the world..."