Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun at Home

Dustin and I have been thinking of ways to save money and decided that gas was something we needed to cut back on. So we've been staying at home quite a bit lately. I try to get out once a day to go to the gym (which the girls love), but other than that, we've been having fun at home. We keep busy with puzzles, dress-ups, play doh, coloring books, inviting friends over, and many more things. These pictures show just a few of the things we've been up to!

Kate and I love to play games together, but can only do it when Ada's in bed.

Kate and Ada had fun putting on Dad's bike helmet (Dustin's been riding his bike to school everyday. He's so awesome to do that so we can have the car! I'm glad it's been a mild winter!). And you can see Ada's flower that Dad put in her hair. She can't reach it when it's on the top of her head :)

Ada likes to put the phone on her head and say "hello."

We spend a lot of time playing in the girls' room. Kate likes to cook food for me and Ada in her kitchen.

Here's Ada on her rocking chair that she LOVES. She's also enjoying a cookie from Kate.

They have finally started to play with each other! I love hearing these two girls giggle while they play and keep each other busy. Sometimes having more than one child is easier! Only sometimes though...

Kate is always wanting me to take pictures of her making silly faces. I'm happy she can enjoy these simple things we do. It definitely puts a smile on my face!

Uncle Callan and Aunt Aubrie gave this tent to Kate for her birthday and it is almost always out in the living room. The girls love to play inside, although I have to keep a close eye on Kate because she likes to tip it over while they're inside! It's actually pretty roomy and Dustin and I have each been in there with the girls.

I've really got to childproof these cupboards. Ada loves to take out the bowls and play with them, making a huge mess. But seeing those cute dimples makes it all worth it.

Last August, Kate started taking dance classes at the Little Gym in Orem. She's there for an hour every Tuesday and learns ballet, tap, creative dance, and gymnastics. It's been a great way for her to put all her energy to good use. And I'm happy that we have a reason to go somewhere!


Brennan and Rachel said...

Woohoo! Another update! Your girls are sure cute. It looks like you guys manage to have plenty of fun at home. Good for you!

-Special Mothertivity- said...

LOVE when they finally get to the stage where they play together! It is the best. They will grow up as the best of friends.
Hear you on staying home and saving on gas. Good times...