Monday, February 20, 2012

Updating our blog has always been tough for me, but I must say it helps me to be more aware of what we're doing and I've been taking more pictures. It's a great way to write our family history! Now I just need to post more often :)

Ada has been grumpy lately. Because she's teething, she has quite the mood swings. She has three teeth coming in right now. Ouch! It's hard to have our normally happy girl going through so much pain, but she's a trooper and keeps us laughing.

Ada loves to have things over her head (and Kate definitely likes to put things on Ada's head). Her favorite thing is a purple bandana that we have. She can see through it and likes to walk around the house that way. She's also been clicking her tongue like crazy. She loves to knock on windows, walls, the bathtub, doors, and make the clicking sound while she's knocking. Good job on the sound effects, Ada!
For Valentine's Day lunch, Kate and I made pink heart-shaped pancakes. Kate loved them and was so excited to see the batter turn pink. Kate's a huge help in the kitchen! She's great at adding ingredients and stirring.
Another Valentine's treat for the girls was going to Grandma Muranaka's house while Dustin and I went to the temple. The girls had lots of candy and enjoyed being with Melanie and Lester. Melanie even told me that Lester was holding Ada. That's a huge step for him!

Dustin and I were able to do baptisms at the Provo Temple. I had a few family names to do, so it was a great experience for us. We went to the BYU Creamery on Ninth afterwards for ice cream. Yum! I love ice cream and will eat it even if it's freezing outside!
Kate had her friend, Kyra, over one afternoon and they were busy playing in her room. I went upstairs to tell Kyra it was time to go home and I found that they had decorated Kate's room with pipe cleaners. LOTS of pipe cleaners. They were tied on the crib, chair, dresser, and even the door handle. So this is now Kate's favorite way to decorate for a "party." I find them all over the house and it brings a smile to my face every time!

Last week in Kate's dance class, they had a freestyle portion during ballet. I was looking for Kate on the TV downstairs but couldn't find her. I finally spotted her by the mirror. Every other girl was dancing in the middle of the room, but there was Kate, dancing and staring at herself in the mirror! I did the exact same thing when I was little and had to laugh! After class, her teacher told me that Kate came up to her at the beginning of class and asked dramatically, "Teacher, may we dance?" The teacher said they would, and Kate started dancing for her, showing her all of her routines. Oh how we love our little Kate :)

Dustin found out last Friday that he will be doing an internship this fall in Palmyra, NY. We are so so excited for this!! We're friends with the manager and assistant manager of the Palmyra Inn, and that's where Dustin will be doing his internship. He'll be helping out with their marketing, using statistics. It will be a great experience for him and amazing for us to live close to the Church History sites for a few months. My brother, Matt, also lives close by in Connecticut, so we'll be able to see him fairly often. I'm always amazed at the opportunities the Lord provides, big and small!


Brennan and Rachel said...

I love the pipe cleaners! We are so excited for this internship for you guys. What a neat experience.

Brianne said...

Kate cracks me up. So excited to hear about Dustin's internship. Sad to see you guys move away, but hopefully you won't be gone too long!!

Ashton and Lydia Buswell said...

Your girls are getting so big! I can't believe how fast they grow! And thanks for reading my blog. I'll start looking at yours more often too. Palmyra sounds great! We really miss you guys. And I think you should make a visit to San Diego sometime soon.