Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things to Remember

Kate got to pay tithing for the first time last Sunday. She was so excited to give it to the bishop that she ran upstairs and found some more money. Our ward missionary fund got an extra $0.27. I love seeing Kate get excited about living the gospel!

Kate and I were talking to Grandma Rogers on the phone the other day. Kate randomly asks, "Grandma, am I your peach?" We all had a good laugh. Then she asked, "Grandma, am I your madgigle?" (Magical) I was confused by these questions, but Dustin reminded me that Kate had recently watched "James and the Giant Peach."

Today we watched "The Testaments." At the end, when Christ is visiting the Americas, a choir is singing "hallelujah" over and over. Dustin and I heard Kate singing along. She wasn't quite sure what the word was, so she sang "Happy New Year." :)

Whenever Kate starts to bug Ada, the best way to distract her is to ask her to show us her ballet. She'll stay busy doing leaps, twirls, and the first three positions.

Ada has been starting to say even more words. Pictures of Jesus are her favorite and she has started to say "Jesus." She also loves to say "Temple," Doggy," and "Kate."

Ada is one cutie, but she has been pulling tantrums lately. Dustin and I just leave her on the floor until she's finished. She usually checks on us to see if we're still paying attention to her. We always have a good laugh :)

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